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If you haven't already gathered:

This is an 18+ zone.

No ifs or buts. Go away childs.

My main website is Pyrophorus if you were looking for that.

Profiles + Social media

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Fediverse (Mastodon): @ovipositive@blimps.xyz

New Mastodon account, not much to say yet.

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Twitter (unlocked 🔓): @Cloacoil

I like to RT stuff on my public account; that's mainly why I made it. If I misjudged your art/tweet and you don't want it RT'd by a fetish account, please let me know and I'll undo it.

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Twitter (locked 🔒): @Primalsludge

This is an AD/vent account. I prefer to follow only other locked accounts with this one.

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FurAffinity: Gilinsalin

I sometimes post here, but I'm mainly there to lurk and add favs.


I don't RP on here, but I find it a useful way of listing my kinks and seeing how they change over time.

Block material + BYF

Do not interact with me if you create, consume, or condone content that blatantly commodifies any of the following subjects as Harmless Kinky Fun.

'Do not interact' means:

I do not care if this is 'because coping'. These are my boundaries and you're not a special case that I'll allow through. Get in the bin.

More about me

Normie stuff + other ways to contact

Go to me.sludge.town for everything else of mine, including how to email me and stuff.

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